Wednesday, June 19, 2019

BabyQuip Muskego

BabyQuip to the rescue!

Innovative business rents out toys and equipment, substantially easing the burden on traveling families and hosting grandparents.

They say there’s a market for just about anything. All we need are passionate entrepreneurs, creative visionaries, and potential customers looking to solve a challenge or problem, and we have a market.

Enter BabyQuip. A company established in 2016 by CEO Fran Maier with just one mom at the time, BabyQuip has grown to become a recognized national brand and service network with over 400 providers at present. And what void is the company looking to fill in the marketplace? What’s the challenge, or problem, that BabyQuip providers and their customers can solve together? The convenience and peace of mind in having access to safe, clean, high-quality, and ready-to-go equipment and toys for your little ones in a crunch. With affordable rental fees by the day, the concept has become a smash hit among families traveling by air, and with grandparents wanting to host their grandchildren without having to buy and store their own equipment and toys.

One of these 400+ BabyQuip providers is Morgan Konkel, and she lives and works right here in Muskego. Morgan was recently featured on TMJ4.

Browse Morgan’s business Web site, and you’ll find anything from high chairs and strollers to blackout curtains, cribs, car seats, customized toy packages, and a lot more available for rent. Free local pickup, free local delivery with a minimum order, modest delivery and set up fees on all other orders, and discounts on longer-term rentals all add up to make this a convenient, attractive, and viable option for families on the go and hosting grandparents.

Want to hear from past customers of Morgan’s service? Simply Google “babyquip muskego” and you’ll find Morgan’s Google business listing appearing on the righthand side of your screen. As of this writing, she has 16 five-star ratings from customers, and the bulk of them have left detailed written reviews of their experiences. Additionally, she has another whopping 49 five-star ratings with many detailed testimonials on her business Web site at

You can help this local entrepreneur and mom by spreading the word about her offerings. In particular, Morgan is looking to establish relationships with more hotels in the greater Milwaukee area that can benefit by offering her services to their guests.

Morgan Konkel

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