Sunday, July 7, 2019

DandiLion Park Muskego

You may have heard by now that Muskego Fest has changed its name to DandiLion Daze, in a nod to the city’s once-famous DandiLion Park, which at one time housed the *country’s* fastest rollercoaster, the Tail Spin.

Prior to being renamed DandiLion Park in 1968, the property was called the Muskego Beach Amusement Park. In total, the park had a long and glorious run, albeit with a few interruptions, from 1861-1977.

You can read more about the park’s history and see photos and mementos at this page of the Muskego Historical Society’s Web site.

For those of you who got to experience the park, what are your favorite memories? Share your stories in the comments section! We'd love to hear them!

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