Sunday, July 21, 2019

Video from DandiLion Park in Muskego

A couple weeks back, we posted a link to a brief YouTube video featuring footage of the Tail Spin roller coaster, once the *country's* fastest, in action at DandiLion Park.

Well, we came across this video just a little while ago offering a lot more detail into what a day at the park was like. There's some really neat footage here!

Who remembers DandiLion Park? Share your stories and memories in the comments!


  1. I worked here in the early 70s ..i worked in the cotton candy stand..the ice cream hut the lemonade stand and the restraurant..the Mastersons owned it and they really were so nice to work for. I just have so many wonderful memories of working very first job..the horses on the carousel were just beautiful and magical ..all of the old rides. The roller coaster was just in awe of any who visited..nothing like that sound of the old roller coasters..this plaxe truly was fabulous and really was a place i was lucky enough to work at and visit for fun days off..wish we had places like this around..true gem..right on muskego lake too.

  2. I was the oldest son of the man who got the job of tearing down the old roller coaster, He's long passed and I'm 62 now. For us being in the carnival business our whole lives it was a challenge, different from the steel rides we tore. down every weekend. It's a great memory I'll never forget...

  3. I remember tearing that old coaster down none of us were over 21except my dad. Butch Reinke... he's long passed and I'm 62, what a story and experience for 9 young men.