Sunday, March 22, 2020

Call for letters in race for mayor is calling for letters of support for the two candidates running for mayor, Dan Dombrowski and Rick Petfalski. The election is Tuesday, April 7.

Guidelines and ground rules:

There is no word limit. If your letter is accepted for publication, it will be published as is.

Anonymous submissions will not be accepted. In addition to your first and last name, please include your phone number for verification purposes. Your phone number will not be published, but your name will be.

Personal attacks and any other statements generally deemed to be in poor taste will not be accepted. Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject letters for any reason.

Decisions by the candidates carried out as part of any professional responsibilities (like voting records and public statements made while holding any office, and/or decisions made in work/business/association roles) are fair game for legitimate debate and criticism. Anything that can be substantiated by open records is fair game for legitimate debate and criticism. Any candidate statements or communications made on the campaign trail in either the primary or general races are fair game for legitimate debate and criticism. Understand that the burden is on you, the letter writer, to ensure a fair, reasonable, substantiated claim. Neither, nor its publisher, Aaron S. Robertson, assume any liability whatsoever for the contents and accuracy of any arguments made. In the end, this is your letter. Your name is on it, and you alone are making the claim. We merely provide a platform for public discourse.

Letters will be published on a rolling basis, as we're able to process them.

You may refute/support/debate/cite another letter/letter writer in your own letter.

To ensure timely publication of your letter, please submit it by 9pm on Saturday, April 4, 2020.

Send your letter to:, and include in the subject line, "Candidate letter".

In closing, encourages Muskego residents to exercise their constitutional right - and really, duty - to vote on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

In addition to the city's race for mayor, other major highlights on the April 7, 2020 ballot include a state Supreme Court race, the U.S. presidential primary on the Democratic side, and a vote on Marsy's Law.

Watch our Facebook page and Web site for more voter information on the candidates for mayor as we get closer to election day.

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